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Welcome to SiLS 

Supported Independent Living Schemes


SiLS provides support services for adults across the South and South West of England. Working in partnership with Acorn Housing and Stepping Stones to Independence to provide individually designed packages of housing, care and support.

What we mean by care or support

If you need care, you have someone to look after you and provide for your needs
If you need support, you have someone to help you do things for yourself

Our services are for adults 18 and over. We help to support adults who have physical or sensory impairments, learning difficulties, mental health issues, frail older people and people who for any other reason are unable to care for or protect themselves. We most often provide services to adults with learning difficulties and adults with mental health support needs.

SiLS can support you to:

  • make plans for each change to your life
  • work towards independence
  • have choice and control
  • be you !


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Our purpose is to make sure that you:

  • have your rights
  • have choice
  • have privacy
  • are valued for who you are
  • have the opportunity to have a fulfilling life
  • can take part in your own community if you wish
  • have independence even if there is some risk


Your life - you can change it !